BaitoneAlpino suggests: Giardino Giusti in Verona

The Giusti Garden constitutes an urban complex of great interest and beauty, which has been visited and celebrated over the centuries by illustrious figures of history and culture, such as the musician Mozart or the poet Goethe. Created at the end of the 1400s, the garden presents itself today in the structure given to it by Agostino Giusti. It was designed as a backdrop to the Giusti palace and is divided into three sections. The cypress avenue cuts the garden into two parts. Below there are box trees, citrus fruit pots that line the garden and greenhouses. The labyrinth was already present in the sixteenth century, and rebuilt in the eighteenth century. The upper part instead shows a sublime English garden, where the plants are left in their natural state. The westernmost part on the border with the adjacent properties has been used as greenhouses, there are cedar, lemon and orange trees. Citrus fruits had become fashionable since the sixteenth century and were thought to be curative for certain diseases. Going upwards the lookout changes in concept and becomes wilder. In the lower part the garden was geometrically divided into squares, with cypresses and hedges giving order to the area. The part on the slope is more spontaneous, wild and the plants in this area come from Lessinia, apart from cypresses and laurels from the south. The mask of Bartolomeo Ridolfi is from the sixteenth century, a plasterer from Verona who was perhaps inspired by what had already been done in Villa della Torre in Fumane. From here you can see the cypress avenue, which seems longer than it actually is. In addition to the collections of flowers, important Roman finds and Goethe's large Cypress, the garden preserves intact all the original sixteenth-century features: fountains, acoustic caves, pergolas, Italian-style boxwoods, mythological statues and a labyrinth of difficult layout and small dimensions, among the oldest in Europe. From the belvedere you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Verona. Absolutely not to be missed!