BaitoneAlpino suggests: Romeo & Giulietta

Who doesn't know the most tormented love story of all time, between the young Romeo Montague and the beautiful Juliet Capulet? Well, Shakespeare set his tragedy in Verona, a city in whose central streets you can admire the traces of this love. Juliet's tomb is located inside the G.B. Fresco Museum. Cavalcaselle, in Via Luigi da Porto 5. Housed in what was once the convent of San Francesco al Corso of the Capuchin friars, the red marble sarcophagus has always been considered the place where the heroine of the Shakespearean tragedy was buried after took his own life. Romeo's house is located in Via Arche Scaligere 5. The medieval palace in the center of Verona, which was the home of the Montagues until the early 14th century, is currently a private home which cannot be accessed. Finally, not far from Piazza Erbe, you can visit Juliet's House, located in Via Cappello 23, which houses both the famous balcony and the statue of Juliet, a copy of the original work by Nereo Costantini, located in the courtyard of the house. According to tradition, it is a good omen to express a promise of love by touching the right breast of the statue. Step forward, lovers!