BaitoneAlpino suggests: Parco Natura Viva

Parco Natura Viva is a large zoological garden located between Verona and Lake Garda, in the municipality of Bussolengo. It extends over 42 hectares of wooded greenery on the morainic hills and is home to 1,500 animals of 200 different species. The Park consists of two sections. The first section is the Wildlife Park, a pedestrian path; it is a large area where, crossing the five continents, you can walk among the animal departments: 90% of the species can be seen from here, the duration of the visit is at the discretion of the visitor but we recommend a 4 to 5 hour visit. Various services and refreshment points are available. The second section is the Safari, a circuit that can be traveled with your own car. It has a separate access, but still part of Parco Natura Viva. Here you cross the habitat of African animals, staying on board your car. The car route lasts approximately 40 minutes (depends on the number of visitors' cars present) and does not include refreshment points. The entrance ticket to Parco Natura Viva is unique, i.e. it includes both sections, and can be purchased either on the online shop or at one cash desk or the other, therefore it will also be valid for the second section on a daily basis.