BaitoneAlpino suggests: Valle delle Sfingi of Camposilvano

The "Valle delle Sfingi" is located within the "Regional Natural Park of Lessinia" and extends north of the town of Camposilvano, a hamlet of the municipality of Velo Veronese at an altitude of approximately 1200 meters above sea level. The path that runs through the " Valle delle Sfingi ", about 800 meters long, starts north of Camposilvano from the provincial road number 6 of the Lessini for San Giorgio, the beginning of the route is located at a characteristic rock monolith in the shape of mushroom, then continues along a private road that leads to the Brutto and Malga Buse di Sotto districts. This valley is dotted with large monoliths regularly spaced from each other and reminiscent of the Egyptian sphinxes (“Sfingi” in Italian), from which it takes its name. These particular rocks are the result of the karst erosion of two different rock formations typical of the Lessinia area, the Rosso Ammonitico and the Oolite of San Vigilio. The visit is free and free and the use of comfortable walking shoes is recommended. We advise you to visit this wonder in the period of April and May: you will be able to admire the particularity of this valley coloured by the flowering of crocuses. You absolutely cannot miss this spectacle of nature!