BaitoneAlpino suggests: the path of respect

A journey where we talk about respect, in all its forms, ways and contexts, how wonderful! What they want to create and enhance is a thematic hiking trail wanted by all the local voluntary associations. It winds for over 20 km on the fascinating plateau of Tremosine, and is made up of 13 stages, at 13 bell towers, in as many small villages. A journey that everyone can experience in their own way, in the beauty of nature and with lots of food for thought. The project was evoked by the renovation of the 13 bell towers of our beautiful village, also called “Messaggeri dei monti” from the team of designers who created the work. Each bell tower will echo an ideal of respect which will be developed and maintained by a local institution. A bulletin board, a book of thoughts and a bench will be placed next to each church, where every traveler will be able to share his thoughts and meditate on the writings of the pilgrims who preceded him. Each year the 13 books will be collected in a single book made available online. We also like to think that the magic and beauty of a place, Tremosine sul Garda, which many define as a paradise, will leave an indelible mark on the heart of those who decide to walk between nature and thought.