BaitoneAlpino suggest: Troiana and Carobbi

Carobbi and Troiana are two small towns located in the mountains above the town of Arco. Their woods and their chestnut groves are perfect for immersing yourself in nature and in the silence that only thick vegetation can offer. They can be reached by car, by bike or on foot. Keep in mind that there are no parking lots so you will have to leave your car in makeshift parking lots along the main road. The departure is from Arco or from the villages of Massone or San Martino, towards Falesia Policromuro. From here, continue along the main road, being careful of who you meet because it is very narrow and has a double route. Go slowly and honk your horn to warn you of your arrival around every bend. The road is about 5-6 km long before reaching the town of Troiana. You can choose to see the few houses that compose it, or to continue for another kilometer in the direction of Carobbi. From here you can enter the wonderful wood and admire the chestnut groves which in the autumn period are the feet of hedgehogs that keep exquisite chestnuts. And if you are lucky, you might meet the owners who sell you their chestnuts: from the land directly to you! From Carobbi there are several paths to follow by mountain bike or on foot, they are all well signposted so there is no danger of getting lost, as long as you stay on the tracks! Keep your eyes peeled, you can see some beautiful mushrooms!