BaitoneAlpino suggest: Ledro Land Art

Ledro Land Art is an art park born in 2012 thanks to Ledro’s administration as a project to add value to our territory. It was created in Pur’s pine forest, along Assat river on the road to Malga Cita. The path crossing the park contains tens of site-specific artworks which dialogue with the surrounding environment and mostly built with natural materials. The vegetation is characterised by the prevalence of pines, which confer a marked verticality to the forest. In the lowe canopy we observe tens of unique endemism between small plants, shrubs and other conifers. Thanks to the artistic staying which are organized every year and the inexorable flow of time, seasons, atmospheric agents, Nature and artworks blend in a unique way, where they interact by means of transformation and renovation. The main pathway which crosses the pine forest is around one kilometre in length, easily walkable with wheelchairs and strollers. The park is open year-round and a parking lot is available at the entrance with a small picnic area. It is easily reachable from the like, by foot or by bike. Throughout spring and summer, you’ll find our infoshop & staff during the opening times, with a small bar, shop & toilets. The entrance is free and allowed all year round outside of the infoshop’s opening times. To sustain our activities as a young start-up, the preservation and development of the park, you can leave a free offer at our info-shop. The entrance to the park is free and allowed outside of the infoshop’s opening timetables.