Game of Cubes - Val di Ledro

Games of Cubes are wooden installations that embellish the territory, a project of the Ledro Valley to enhance the viewpoints of the valley even more. The aim of the project is to give voice to the talent and creativity of local artisans using materials from the Valley and promoting the local economy. The idea of ​​creating a simple but at the same time versatile outdoor furniture that can enrich the beauty of the place, a totem of cubes entirely made of larch wood (a sustainable material par excellence) with different shapes and purposes. There are three types: the "base cube", closed on all sides to act as a base or seat, the "selfie cube", open on two sides as a photo frame and the "panoramic cube", also open on two sides and structured like a photographic lens facing the landscape. To give shape to Games of Cubes Cesare and Giovanni di Rosalab in collaboration with the Apt del Garda, the Cassa Rurale di Ledro, the Municipality of Ledro and the S.S.O.V.A. There are a total of 7 installations: Belvedere di Dromaè, Belvedere di Bezzecca, Spiaggia di Pur, Chiesetta Alla Costa, Tremalzo, Church of Locca and Bocca Trat