BaitoneAlpino suggest: muletracks route

An easy and circular itinerary, of thirteen kilometers, through the villages of the Municipality of Brenzone. It starts from Sommavilla and arrives in Castelletto returning to Sommavilla walking along the lake shore. From the Sommavilla car park head south and after a few meters, before the descent begins, keep left on Via Monteccio. Take the mule track on the left passing under the small face with signs for path 31. Always stay on path 31 which alternates between mule track and dirt road until you reach Zignago, at the first bend in Punta Veleno. Go down to the right for Castello, arrive on the main road and continue to the left and take the uphill road to the left of the church. After the climb, just before the parking on the left, take the alley on the right with the cobbled street. After a very short descent follow the track in the fields, at the first crossroads continue to the left, pass a small church and at the second crossroads keep left again until you reach Cà Romana. Now you are back on the paved road where the climb that leads to Campo di Brenzone begins. At the end of the climb, keep to the right and continue to climb first on a dirt road, then on a mule track until you reach the beautiful village of Campo. The climb is over and the descent that takes you across the lake to Castelletto di Brenzone begins. Take the path to the left of the Campo fountain and at the crossroads take the left following the signs for Biaza / Castelletto until you reach the paved road that leads to San Zeno di Montagna and Prada. Continue downhill to Biaza, at the crossroads, in front of the capital, turn right downhill and continue straight until you reach the historic center of Castelletto di Brenzone and then onto Via Gardesana. Cross the road and continue north walking along the beach passing through Marniga, Magugnano, Porto and Assenza. At the roundabout in Assenza, take the road on the right uphill which takes you back to the Sommavilla car park. A tip: if you take this path on Tuesdays, you can stop in Castelletto on the way back, to have a bite to eat and take a tour of the stalls of the weekly market.