BaitoneAlpino suggest: Castello di Arco

To reach the castle of Arco, a short hike of about twenty minutes is required, starting from the town, a few kilometers away from Lake Garda. Our advice is to take it easy to enjoy, along the way, the views that the path through the trees can give you. The castle is perched on a rugged spur of rock, from which it dominates the Upper Garda plain. The towers of the ancient fortress remain intact, part of the surrounding walls and some buildings in ruins, which suffered numerous assaults over the centuries. The last was that of the French troops in August 1703, while the war of succession to the Spanish throne was being fought. Inside the castle of Arco, thanks to a recent restoration, you can visit the Prigione del Sasso and the Torre Grande, whose walls are decorated with a splendid cycle of profane frescoes from the fourteenth century depicting ladies playing chess. A curiosity: the icon and symbol of the city, the Castle of Arco is reproduced in countless codices and paintings, including the very famous watercolor by Albrecht Dürer preserved in the Louvre in Paris. The castle can be visited all year round and is the setting, during the summer, for music and prose performances. Bring a towel to put on the lawn, you can relax with an incomparable view of Lake Garda on the lawn at the foot of the Castle!