Baitone Alpino suggest: the olive oil mill of Malcesine

On 6 October 1946 the “Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine” was born, from the will of the small olive producers of Malcesine to build their own mill to grind their own olives, thus freeing themselves from dependence on private oil mills. An essential element to be able to be members was and still is the possession of olive groves in the territory of Malcesine and surrounding areas. The presence of the olive tree in Malcesine in Roman times is more than probable, but certainly a great impetus to its spread on Lake Garda was given by the great monasteries of northern Italy around the 9th century AD. These needed oil for the illumination of the churches and for sacred rites. Also in Malcesine the first documents attesting the presence of the olive tree, in Val di Sogno, date back to 900 AD. The old oil mill, opened in 1946, was located in via Navene 21 and today is the sales point of the Malcesine olive growers consortium. In this store you can find a great variety of products related to the olive tree such as Italian olives, olive paté, glass and ceramic cruets, olive wood utensils, body care products, fabrics and of course food and wine products of Monte Baldo and Lake Garda such as cheeses, jams, sauces, liqueurs, etc ... The mill also organizes guided tours for both individuals and large groups, go and visit it, it is an activity not to be missed if you visit Malcesine, also because at the end of the visit you can taste the famous Malcesine extra virgin olive oil, a delicacy!