Baitone Alpino suggest: Cassone

Cassone is a small fraction of the municipality of Malcesine about 11 km from our Village. A small lakeside town, it has a wonderful marina and boasts the presence of the shortest river in the world, the Aril, of only 175 meters. Do not miss the visit to the Cassone lake museum. You will find on display ancient tools used for fishing, but also everyday objects, which our ancestors left us as a legacy and memory of a not-so-distant past. All exhibited in an informal but highly impactful way. The photographs of the ancient sailing boats bring us back to the time when the transport of the material did not take place by road but by lake. Outside the museum you will find two large tanks where the water of the Aril flows with eels, chubs and trout inside that recall that the building was originally a hatchery for fish breeding. To reach Cassone, you can use the car, the bike (along the cycle path along the lakefront) or using the Tourist Bus service.