Baitone Alpino suggest: Lago di Ledro

Lake Ledro is one of the most beautiful and cleanest in Trentino, located at an altitude of 650 m. Clear waters, with an iridescent turquoise color, in which to dive on hot summer days or where to practice fishing, sailing and other water sports. Thanks to its bathing waters that reach 24 ° in summer, Lake Ledro is ideal for practicing different sports including canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming and fishing. One of the 4 beaches of Lake Ledro is animal friendly to bring your dog to the beach. The perimeter of Lake Ledro is about 10 km and the walk around Lake Ledro is one of the most popular for its beauty, distance and height difference (10 km to be covered in about a couple of hours with a minimum difference in height). Apart from the stretch from Molina to Pur, along which you pass on the municipal road, the rest of the route is on a dirt track by the lake. In Mezzolago you cross the Strada Statale to avoid traffic and pass through the very characteristic center of Mezzolago. It is also one of the favorite routes for runners and bikes. The origin of Lake Ledro is due to a morainic barrier dating back to the fourth ice age. Since 1929, its level has been influenced by the energy needs of the Riva del Garda Hydroelectric Plant which uses its waters which, channeled into a 6 km long tunnel dug into the mountainside, descend towards Riva del Garda. In addition to the prestigious landscape that surrounds it, Lake Ledro is famous for the discovery of an extensive area of stilts, located on the eastern shore of the lake. This discovery, discovered on the occasion of the strong lowering of the lake waters due to the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, is the most important in Europe by extension, richness of artefacts and state of conservation. Since June 2011 it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A little gem! In the Besta locality, one of the first to come across when climbing from Riva del Garda, there is a giant bench accessible by a very simple (but very steep!) Path that starts from Best Ledro Camping. From the bench you will have a magnificent view over the whole lake!