Baitone Alpino suggest: Parco Grotta cascate del Varone

The visit to the Varone waterfalls includes several observation points from which you can enjoy different scenographies. The first view is possible to have it from below, through the Lower Grotto: from here it is possible to observe the waterfall in its final phase. The second observation point, on the other hand, is located 40 meters higher, in the Upper Grotto, from which you can admire the Varone Waterfall in the middle of its fall. The cave and the waterfall are located inside a private natural park, which has been preserved intact over the years, thanks to the excellent maintenance and care of those who have dealt with them over the years, starting about a century and a half ago. with the construction of the first infrastructures (1874). Before then, in fact, there were no paths that today allow you to enter and climb along the mountain and the waterfall could not be visited, except by going up the stream directly into the water, or observing it from above hanging from ropes, admitted, of course, that we had been experienced climbers. Today, thanks to the paths, the bridges, the balustrades and the winding staircase, this imposing spectacle of nature can be visited by all.