Baitone Alpino suggest: trekking towards 'Baloc tacà via'

The "Baloc tacà via", also known as Balot, in Italian means "the hanging boulder", is a large stone perfectly wedged between two high rock walls. To reach it, you have to follow a path that runs through the suggestive Val Torrente that ends right in front of the boulder. Arriving by car from Malcesine, at the first roundabout after Cassone, take the road on the left uphill to Sommavilla / Borago / Castello, after the Aril River, the shortest river in Europe. The climb is very narrow and steep, be careful! You will arrive at a parking lot where you can leave your car and climb the stairs that go east, towards Monte Baldo. From here the first part of the path starts, about 500 meters uphill in the middle of the fields. Then you will have to go down into the valley on the left and follow it for a few meters. There you will find a wall to climb over a little over two meters high. The wall is equipped with a ladder to go up and down, it is easy but still be careful. Continuing uphill for another kilometer in the bed of the stream, you will finally reach the Baloc. Wear suitable shoes because you climb a bed of water and walk on medium-sized stones. We suggest a high shoe that protects the ankle well. You will not regret it!