Baitone Alpino suggest: Siora Veronica

Enjoying the thrill of sailing Lake Garda on an authentic sailing boat is not for everyone! “Siora Veronica” offers a two-hour panoramic tour to enjoy an experience of absolute relaxation, letting yourself be lulled by the winds of the early afternoon, sailing through the waters of the lake to discover the most evocative viewpoints of Malcesine and its surroundings! If that wasn't enough, you can also opt for a one-and-a-half-hour tour in the late afternoon, to end the day in a special way, navigating between romantic places and spectacular views (the islands of Val di Sogno, the Limone waterfalls and the Castello di Malcesine), toasting with a glass of wine in good company! And for the most romantic, there is also a two-hour sunset cruise in an exclusive setting, with an aperitif on board (a glass of wine + finger food) and music, admiring the Castle, Malcesine and the magical atmosphere of the Lake at sunset!