Baitone Alpino suggest: walking route 'Madonna dell'Accoglienza'

The statue of the Madonna dell’accoglienza has been watching over the city of Malcesine for hundreds of years. It can be reached with a walk that starts from the town and returns to the center, forming a ring of about two hours of quiet walk. Remember to wear comfortable shoes suitable for trekking! From Malcesine, take Via Navene Vecchia, after about 1 km, at the end of the climb, take the uphill road to the right and take the Vacco mule track. At the first crossroads keep right, at the second turn right again and continue climbing until you come out on the Via Panoramica. Continue south on the Via Panoramica for about 1 km and after climbing the stairs, before a steep climb, go down to the right following the signs for Malcesine, Paier. Keep left and continue downhill on the paved road until you reach Loc. Paier. Take the uphill path on the left with signs for "Madonna dell’Accoglienza". At the end of the path, you will find a staircase on your right that leads to the panoramic terrace of the Madonna dell’Accoglienza. Continue downhill towards the south until you come to Via Panoramica immediately after the Hotel Val di Monte. Stay on the Via Panoramica walking south and as soon as the descent begins, take the cut on the left that you find on the third bend. This cut shortens the Via Panoramica. At the end of the cut, you find yourself on the Via Panoramica and follow it until you return to Malcesine.