Baitone Alpino suggest: Isola del Garda

Isola del Garda is a place of incomparable beauty, rich in history and landscape views made unforgettable by the magic of the crystal-clear water of the lake that surrounds it. This strip of land over the centuries has welcomed characters such as San Francesco d'Assisi, Sant'Antonio da Padova and Dante Alighieri and has been the scene of fascinating events as a refuge for pirates, as a hermitage for monks in prayer and as the headquarters of a Savoy garrison at the dawn of the Kingdom of Italy. It now houses an important Venetian neo-Gothic style villa built in the nineteenth century and is adorned with Italian and English hanging gardens and a centuries-old park that welcomes essences from the most remote corners of the globe. Isola del Garda puts at your disposal competent guides who will allow you to deepen the details of the history of this place and who will be able to accompany you in the discovery of the most evocative views of the lake seen from an absolutely unique perspective. The island can only be visited through guided tours organized ad hoc and bookable through the official website. Don’t’ forget to bring a snack with you! Eating something while you can enjoy such an amazing view, it’s worth the visit! 😊