Our Beautiful Mountains

Monte Baldo is part of the Gardesane Prealps and together with Monte Altissimo di Nago it forms the Baldo chain. The Baldo chain stretches for about 40 km from north-east to south-west, has an area of ​​about 320 square kilometers, the height goes from 65 meters to 2218 meters of the top of Valdritta, the highest. If you start from the lake level and go up towards the peaks you will notice the variations in climate and vegetation: below there is the evergreen belt of the lake, which has Mediterranean vegetation favored by a mild climate, olive trees, vines, oleanders, citrus, lavender, oak and chestnut woods begin at around 400 meters, followed by ash and Scots pine at around 800 meters. Beech woods begin above 1000 meters, with some centuries-old specimens to give way, over 1600 meters to fir trees. The variety of the vegetation of the Baldo was the reason why it was awarded the name of "Hortus Europae" in the past. The fauna of Monte Baldo is also special, in fact there are about 960 types of butterflies, some of which are known only here and many other species of insects. And then again marmots, golden eagles, roe deer, chamois, squirrels, hares.